By answering these short simple questions, we can respond much more efficiently, and you'll receive an email confirming your submission to us for your records.
Please provide as much information as you can, and this will help speed up are response - photos or videos are perfect. Please report all your maintenance issues separately. Finally, if you have already submitted a report, there's no need complete this form again.
Lets start with telling what property is this for? *

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If you select 'other', describe your issue in just 2 or 3 words; you can provide more detail shortly.

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Yikes! That is serious. After you've continued with this form, we'll speak with a contractor right away and try and get it resolved today for you. If parts are likely needed, there maybe a slight extra wait.
What type of heating appliance do you have?

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Before we continue, there's a few things you can check. Please check whether the boiler is turned on. If the boiler cannot be turned on or if there is no heating/hot water after the boiler has been turned on and enough time has passed to heat the water then please continue. If the pressure is low (under 1 bar), this short 2 minute video will explain how to top up the boiler pressure.
Helpful Tip:

Uh oh! Try and contain any leak as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the property. If possible, try and turn the water off immediatly using the stop cock.
Oh no! Let us know a few more details but narrowing down the issue for us.

Ahhh, that must be really frustrating. Don't worry, let us know some more details and our contractor will call to arrange access.

Check if there are any serial numbers or model numbers

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If you have a security alarm sounding and it's out of hours, please call Moore Secure on ‭01625 528471‬, and then continue with the rest of this form. If you have a sounding smoke alarm, check the battries as they might need replacing.
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Check the consumer unit / fuse box and make sure all the switches are set to 'on'. If they are, check there isn't a power-cut in your neighbourhood by contacting your utility provider. If the water appears turned off, check with United Utilities first.
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Nightmare! Once you've completed this form, give our office a call during working hours on 01625 836422 and we may have a spare key for you.
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Mould can be caused by either condensation (moisture in the air), rising damp (water coming up from the ground and through the brick work), or penatrative damp (from a gutter or faulty maisonary). Check first the issue isn't condensation by watching this short video.
Helpful Tip:

Oh no! Pests and verin are attracted to food so make sure all food is stored away and all rubbish disposed of. Look for holes in walls or other possible entry points which may give a clue how they are getting in.
Helpful Tip:

If you have a gas leak or you can smell gas you must immediately evacuate the property and then contact National Grid Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

After that you must report this issue both through this system.
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The more information you can give here, the better so please include everything you can.
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